Mass Effect Andromeda Nomad

Line: Futured Cars
Type: PDF Building Instructions
Age: Adults
Pieces: 868


Mass Effect Andromeda Nomad
- The ND1 Nomad is an all-terrain exploration-focused land vehicle utilised by Pathfinders as part of the Andromeda Initiative to scout out potential Golden Worlds for colonisation.
- The Nomad features twin hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells powering an element zero core, independent suspension for each wheel, and interchangeable four- or six-wheel drive. Like the Mako, it comes equipped with a rear fuel injection booster to propel it forward, and helium-3 microthrusters beneath the vehicle to blast it upward. It comes with the capability to scan planet surfaces for valuable resources and deploy mining drones to harvest those.

Lego Replica is,
- 868 Parts
- 40cm tall
- My Story,
- I finished playing the PC game. And indeed, I enjoyed the trip on all explorable planets with ND1 Nomad. Then I wanted to design and do it with Lego.
- When I was designing this model, I wanted it to be very similar to the Reality. Especially I wanted to simulate 6 Wheel and suspension system. I used the colors of the original model as color. White, Black, Gray color harmony was really nice with Lego parts. I hope all Mass Effect fanatics will enjoy it.

LDD Design:
It includes LDD design. The file extension used to open .LXF program Lego Digital Designer. You can obtain free from the link below.

Part List:
A list of required parts is. .XML file extension
The program name 'Brick Store' you can download for free from the link below.

Reference Photos:
It contains reference pictures of real models.

Print labels to be taken. Format is A4 sized. You can take the output pole.
You can create Guide to Building under construction with the help of the program over the LDD.
You can look for to help making the photos in my flickr address.

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