Batman™ Arkham Knight Batmobile UCS

Line: Super Heroes
Type: HD PDF Building Instructions
Age: Adults
Pieces: 4640


712 Pages HD PDF Format Building Instructions

This design, the video game Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile tried to do with Lego pieces. It took 3 months to work on LDD. Means all the features of the game, I want to apply with Lego. It took one month to pick up the pieces. And I completed the 2 week installation.
-As for the features of the Batmobile, it has two different modes. First 'Pursuit Mode' has become the normal means. The second is 'Battle Mode' is turning into a tank Batmobile in this mode. If I write a list of things I can do with Lego ...
-1-Complete collapsible cockpit.
-2-cockpit interior details, the main screen and special steering wheel.
-3-360 degree swivel wheels.
-4-Front thrown claw
-5-Battle mode goes down, the upward Cannon 60mm Vulcan Gun.
-6-Folding Immobilizer Missiles.
-7-Front and Rear folding the arms.
-8-Folding Unit and the containment 2 in the passenger seat.
-9-Advanced Afterburner.
-10-Batmobile at the bottom Sonar upgrade.
-11-four tailpipes detail.
-12-Special Scarecrow is Minifig
-I managed to do all of these features with Lego pieces. Game Batmobile in which these features are also available at the same time I made with Lego Batmobile.I used a total of 4640 pieces of Lego parts.
-I hope you will like it.

What happens after purchase? 
Files are included is,
1-Studio 3D Model
2-Building instructions
3-Part List

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Stud io:
It includes Stud io design. The file extension used to open .io program New Lego Digital Designer. You can obtain free from the link below.

Part List:
A list of required parts is. .XML file extension
The program name 'Brick Store' you can download for free from the link below.

Print labels to be taken. Format is A4 sized. You can take the output pole.
You can create Guide to Building under construction with the help of the program over the LDD.
You can look for to help making the photos in my flickr address.

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